Bang! Bang! - Futurists Of All Countries, Unite! is the 9th album by AnimaeNoctis, in collaboration with Danger To Medulla. As we are 4, our name is Zumquartet.
Released on February 25, 2024 by NN Records
Published by Nikolay Nebogatov
5 tracks. Vocal fragments by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Pier Paolo Pasolini + Google Translator Russian voice
Artwork by Igor Kolesov


                                    1.   Ndio!    11:22

                                    2.   Vad!     09:49

                                    3.   Rti!     06:26

                                    4.   Retchye! 08:15

                                    5.   Tpya!    09:38

Rti! has been featured in Deep Reality Sound Fest 2 compilation, curated by NN Records (2024).

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