October 2020: «JoiMag»

March 2021: «The Working Artist», II

Spring-Summer 2021: Vague Vagrant Vagina«Feminist Spaces», 4.1, pp. 60-63

July 2021: «Art Hole», 14

August 2021: «The Working Artist», VII

October 2021: Oh, Alcove's DNA, «Love and Chaos», The Alchemy Experiment, 2021, pp. 87-88

Winter 2021: Liquid Lyrical Liberty«Queer And Care», You And Us issue

July 2022: Yes Raw (Risk Of Falling)«Acciones al Margen», 4, p. 81

October 2022: Vague Vagrant Vagina, «SEAS' ZINE: Queer Photography», SEAS, pp. 108-109

Spring 2023: The Online Side Of The Cage: Notes From An Art Practice, «Superpresent», p.62

June 2023: Horrifascism«Acciones al Margen», 5, p. 87

September 2023: Silvia Overcomes Depression, IMAF catalogue 2023

October 2023: Silvia Overcomes Depression«Create For Healing», The Art Of Overcoming issue, 1

November 2023: Statement for  Michael Paul Hogan, Artist Descending A Typewriter, Shanti Arts

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