King/Queen Of The Square Meter is AnimaeNoctis project for AiOP 2023: DRESS, curated by Gretchen Vitamvas.
There are 2 performers, Silvia & Massimo, and 2 possibilities of show. 
# 1: Silvia is dressed as a Princess and Massimo as a Jester. They are close to a chair located in a square meter on the street. Jester Massimo invites people to sit down; each sitting person is invited to wear the crown offered by the Princess and to take a selfie with the 2 performers. The Jester asks: King or Queen? Then he writes the right title on a paper certificate given to each person: King or Queen of the Square Meter. All of this looks like an entertaining joke but the certificate explains the ultimate sense of the show: «Remember: not all the humans have a safe Square Meter to stay. Other humans die to conquer or to defend a Square Meter of land. Other humans are imprisoned in a Square Meter. AnimaeNoctis declares that this Square Meter you belong in is safe and cruelty free».
# 2: Massimo is dressed as a Princess and Silvia as a Jester. The actions are the same as # 1.


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