(NEW YORK, 23-25 SEPTEMBER 2022)

Can Art Really Transform?
It can let you express your form.
We used to be so alone,
and now we are 1 like flesh & bone.
I am a man and they said "you're a woman",
and I am a woman and they said "you are a man",
they said the truth, but it takes a bit of politeness
and in their prejudice our lives were lightless.
I am proud to wear like a white bride:
my body to explore, nothing to hide;
I am proud to wear like an elegant groom,
and this is me, not a tragic doom.
Reader, you have this flyer in your hands,
now that you met us remember your chance!

This project has been made for Art in Odd Places, New York, 2022, curated by Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn, with Curatorial Assistants: Abbie Argo, Clara Grusq, and Gretchen Vitamvas. Curatorial Manager: Will Schweigert.
There are 2 performers: Silvia is dressed as a groom and made up with fake moustaches; Massimo is dressed as a bride (the dress is an original unique piece by artist/stylist Daisuke Tsukuda). Massimo is on a cart and Silvia pushes him in an urban open space: she smiles so much, but she's pushing around 80 kg. Massimo himself is smiling, although the cart is very narrow for him. During the walk, Massimo gives each spectator a copy of this lullaby-like confessional poem. Variation: Massimo-Bride pushes Silvia-Groom.

The show looks like a happy marriage, but the poem explains the very reality of the bride's and groom's lives. The cart is the opposite of a cage and this show is "to be grasped by all peoples, not only critics, dilettantes and professionals" (George Maciunas).
Watch the first release of the performance in New York (September 2022): here.


AnimaeNoctis works both with material (2D, 3D) and immaterial stuff (music and/or sound installation) + our real performing bodies. Physical exhibitions in Munich, Bologna, Rome, Shrewsbury, Brighton, Glasgow, Torrance, Kassel; and official selections in the movie festivals of Venice, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Addis Abäba, Bangalore, Delhi, Cefalù, Athens, Shanghai. Immaterial exhibitions: Los Angeles, New York, Krakow. Bodily items/performances in festivals: Santa Cruz de La Sierra, New York, Kassel, Bucaramanga, Novi Sad. AnimaeNoctis participates in PEACE2022 event curated by Josef Ka: Helsinki, Vienna, Stockholm, Rome, Krakow, Leipzig. Further details here.

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