October 2019: Cartoline per Leopardi, Galleria Boragno, Busto Arsizio (VA)

March 2021: Women’s Day Special Art Exhibition, event organized by Ibrahim Akinci (ArelArt Online Galeri, Ankara)

July 2021: AnimaeNoctis artwork in Bologna, Cheap Festival

August-September 2021: Beyond The Binary, ] G A Z E [ Art Space, Shrewsbury. Curator: Theresa Bradbury

October 2021: session one: (all the things left unsaid), solo sound space, Los Angeles

October 2021: Love & Chaos, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow (catalogue The Alchemy Experiment, 2021)

October-December 2021: Got Something To Say About Europe, Kunstarkaden, Munich (catalogue Landeshauptstadt München, Stadtkanzlei, 2021)

October 2021-January 2022: Queer Photography, The Ledward Centre, Brighton

November 2021: Asians Are Strong

March 2022: PEACE2022 - ARTISTS AGAINST THE WAR, Studio 43 in Arbis Swedish Cultural Centre, Helsinki; Rankka Galleria, Helsinki; Atelier Blumentopf, Vienna; Sauna Gallery, Helsinki

April 2022: PEACE2022 - ARTISTS AGAINST THE WAR, Momentum Gallery, Krakow; Kaffila Bokvillan, Helsinki; Artists' Association Yö, Helsinki; Helmut Gallery, Leipzig; Closetgallery, Stockholm

April 2022: CLOSE (TO) THE SKY, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York. Listen to AnimaeNoctis track; listen and buy the collective track

May 2022: PEACE2022 - ARTISTS AGAINST THE WAR, Fanfulla 5/a Circolo Arci, Rome; Bolderāja, Riga

May 2022: LGBTQIAPK !, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome

June 2022: Peace Letters To Ukraine 7, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance

June 2022: PEACE2022 - ARTISTS AGAINST THE WAR, Sauna Gallery, Helsinki; Central Garden, Vienna; KunstbeTrieb, Vienna

June-July 2022: Performance Art documenta, Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Kassel

September-October 2022: Peace Letters Marathon ---> Around The World In 90 Days, The New Museum Of Networked Art, Lviv/Kiev/Kharkiv

October 2022: ReVIEWING 13 in Leo Amino: Work With Materia, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Centre, Asheville. Listen to AnimaeNoctis track, listen and buy the compilation

April 2023: ANTI-WAR COALITION.ART, Ambasada Kultury, Berlin/Vilnius

April-May 2023: La Collezione Queer II, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome

May 2023: ANTI-WAR COALITION.ART in Karlsruhe 2023, Messe Karlsruhe

May-June 2023: Figuring It Out, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Atlanta

May-June 2023: 6th Vacations In The SubconsciousThe New Museum Of Networked Art, Köln 

June 2023: Speak Up, Be Heard, Alliance Française, Ibadan

ART-WORKS: performances & collaborations

January 2020: AnimaeNoctis participates in Yoko Ono’s Add Color (Refugee Boat), 1960/2016, MAXXI, Rome

July 2020: The virtual exhibition of Geracho Arias 

August 2020: Uncle Fluxus Quantum Superhero, dedicated to the late critic Enrico Pedrini, with his own voice

December 2020: There Is No Hitching Post in the Universe, dedicated to Jean-François Bory and his cuneiform ties

March 2021: works in the online visual art museum Cheap Freedom Club

October 2021: Double Answer. No Doubt artwork after participating in Was ist für Dich Feminin?, Denkraum Deutschland, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

October 2021: A.I.R.(Adult Identity Resistance). Featuring the Air On G String dress by Daisuke Tsukuda

January 2022: The Most Private Digest Of Imperialism. Festival Internacional de Performance Art de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, LATITUDES HYBRIDAS, Santa Cruz de la Sierra

5 March-18 May 2022: It Takes 2 Be 2 People 2 Be. Perform-homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini: Act 1 (Bologna) & Act 2 (Idroscalo di Ostia)

March 2022: That's All, Video!. II Encuentro internacional de arte de acción, Galeria Arrabal & Cia/La Moebius, Granada

April 2022: Peace Letter To Ukraine 2, Cinema U 2 Alphabet Art Centre, Köln

April 2022: Works Of Mercy premiere, Atelier Blumentopf, Wien

April 2022: 4'33'' Of Sentence. PAUSA Performance Art USA, Bronx River Art Center, New York

June 2022: Derealization, Krakers Krakow Art Week Festival, Krakow

June 2022: Overlapping Kassel Festival, Kassel

July 2022: Festival internacional de performance Acciones al margen, Bucaramanga

July 2022: Assemblage by Hector Canonge, Venice

August 2022: Reconsecration with Paul Regan, Dublin

September 2022: IMAF, Odžaci-Novi Sad

September 2022: Prague Biennale: Re-connect Art, Prague

September 2022: Art in Odd Places, New York

October 2022: Hexxyduxxybox, Reality-Rize (Risk). The Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul, Zoom performance, Delhi

October 2022: The Violence Project 2022, The New Museum Of Networked Art, Köln

November 2022: Hexxyduxxybox, Reality-Rize (Risk). Never Deep Enough, Zoom performance, Delhi

100 Years Of Antifascism Multimedia Project. 1st performative event (Horrifascism): October 26-28 2022, New York, with the support of Art in Odd Places

December 2022: One Hundred Evenings Of Loneliness, The Island Gallery, Bristol

January 2023: Barnes White Rabbit, London, with Spike Mclarrity

January 2023: Scarlet Experiment live performance, London

February 2023: performance for African Passport by 2tsi King

March 2023: performance for Reunion by 2tsi King 

April 2023: Online Performance Art Festival 26, New York

April 2023: Left Of Binaries,, Brussels

May 2023: Online Performance Art Festival 27, New York

June 2023: Festival Internacional de Performance Acciones al margen, Bucaramanga

June 2023: voice acting as Hilda and John for Rip The Falcon episode 4 by TIC STUDIOS LLC

Forthcoming: IMAF, Odžaci-Novi Sad

VIDEOMAKING about art/artists

Impromptu I: for Fondazione Giorgio e Lilli Devoto (Genoa)/Edizioni San Marco dei Giustiniani 

Loxías: for Literature and Other Worlds: Genres, Politics, Society (LILEC Graduate Conference, Università di Bologna) as a visual prelude to Loxías censore, Loxías censurato, speech about Pier Paolo Pasolini, by Massimo Sannelli 

Comedy: directed by Ariel Soulé. Starring AnimaeNoctis & Alessandro Castelli

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