AnimaeNoctis is a duo (Silvia Marcantoni Taddei & Massimo Sannelli). It is a polymorphous Factory & a multimedial agency.
AnimaeNoctis has some keywords to deal with: antispecism, antifascism, nonbinary/dappled identity, amuseable avantgarde.
The multidisciplinary beings survive and escape the night of the souls. This is the meaning of our dual name. We are musicians, filmmakers, photographers, models, performers, 3D items makers and publishers.
What we don't use: expensive technodevices, stand-ins, precise plannings. What we use: garbage, free softwares, common instruments, toys, improvisation and our own bodies. Both in our 3D works and as cinematic elements we tipically use twines or ropes, metal pieces taken from abandoned houses, soil, ancient objects, glasses and wood. And plushes too.
Every material is a piece of our story: metal is resistance and capability of aggregating in new shapes; glass is fragility that must stay unbroken; a mirror is a duplication of the body and pays homage to the quantum physics principle "observation affects reality". Plushes are the necessary tenderness. Ropes keep our polymorphous stuff together: Silvia's ancestors were sailors and Massimo's ones were tailors.
Our titles have a lot of puns. These puns are not mere games. We think that language does not have a single direction and a severe law: it’s also a series of sounds – yes, music too – which includes other sounds.
Fun can be engaged and nakedness is as political as pleasure.
We live like this and boost our keywords.